is a redundant, load-balanced array of AMD64 architecture servers powered by the rock-solid FreeBSD operating system. Data is mirrored from the master to the backup servers over a dedicated network interface once a day, at midnight EST. Fault-tolerance of the servers, router and firewall systems is implemented using CARP.

Master Name Servers

Master Name Servers (IPv6)

Mail Servers

Database Servers

SSH Public Keys Fingerprints

SSH Public Keys

Mail Server SSL Certificates

Program Binary Compatibility

Users who wish to use the GNU versions of the standard commands (ls, cp, etc) can create an empty file in ~/.prefer_gnu. This will cause the relevant aliases to be automatically configured on login.


Old-time users (1997-2001) were originally hosted at our first installation in Oklahoma City, OK on a server named CS.CSOFT.NET running Linux. They were transferred to our network in Atlanta on June 1st, 2001. On February 2006, service moved to Montreal datacenter. On November 2013, all servers moved to New York City.