Service Level Agreement

Last revision: April 1, 2024

This Agreement applies to the use of the CubeSoft hosting service and any related products and services (collectively the "Service").

Service Level Agreement

Should CubeSoft fail to attain the guaranteed availability or the defined response times, CubeSoft will return the monthly fixed amount paid for the Service if requested by the customer within 30 days after the event. The Service Level Agreement does not cover services not run by CubeSoft.


The availability is measured by the availability of the following services:

  • DNS
  • POP3 / POP3S

The availability is measured by CubeSoft in the local network. CubeSoft guarantees a monthly availability of 100%. Response times greater than 10 seconds are treated as failure.

Excluded are:

  • Announced maintenance windows (service periods).
  • Unavailability caused by the customer himself.
  • Unavailability caused by actions taken by customer request.
  • Acts of Nature.

Response time

The web server's response time is measured by CubeSoft inside of its local network. CubeSoft guarantees that 95% of all successful measurements are below 50ms.

Reponse times greater than 10 seconds are treated as failure and affect the availability, but not the calculation for response time.
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