Standard package

Our most popular enterprise-grade package, Standard provides the same features as Budget, with the addition of SSL support, twice as much bandwidth as well as increased overall performance. The Standard package also supports sub-accounts (with FTP/shell access) and secure reselling. Thanks to privilege separation, specific domains or subdomains can be made to execute PHP/CGI scripts under specific sub-accounts.

Unlimited domains, dedicated IP address
  • + Unlimited Unix accounts (shell + FTP/SFTP) on at least 3 servers
  • + Unlimited domains and sub-domains (going to different directories; aliases also supported)
  • + Complete DNS control (including Dynamic DNS, IDN support)
  • + A unique IP address (with reverse DNS resolution)
  • ++ https:// support with hardware-accelerated SSL
  • ++ Reselling is allowed
  • ++ Real-time access logs (Extended format)
  • ++ Standalone svnserve support for Subversion
  • ++ Support for seekable FLV video streaming
  • Initial limits:
    • Unlimited number of mailbox accounts (accessible via secure POP/IMAP, shell or webmail).
    • Unlimited e-mail addresses (wildcard addresses supported)
    • Unlimited CVS/SVN-only sub-accounts
    • Unlimited MySQL/ PostgreSQL databases and database accounts
    • 2 x 200.0GB of low-latency disk space
    • Privilege separation for PHP and CGI applications.
    • Unlimited traffic (priority 5/7, minimum 6MB/s)

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