Our most popular enterprise-level package, Standard provides the same features as Budget, with the addition of SSL support, twice as much bandwidth as well as increased overall performance. The Standard package also supports sub-accounts (with FTP/shell access) and secure reselling. Thanks to privilege separation, specific domains or subdomains can be made to execute PHP/CGI scripts under specific sub-accounts.

Standard package
  • All Standard Features.
  • Access to 2 Physical Servers.
  • Unlimited Subaccounts.
  • Unlimited Domains & Sub-domains.
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 Address (with RDNS).
  • 1 Dedicated IPv6 Address (with RDNS).
  • Modern SSL Support (Test it!).
  • Secure Reselling (Privilege-Separation).
  • Live Video Streaming (ffserver).
  • IM/Chat Servers (ircd, Jabber, others).
  • Subversion via svnserve or ssh.
  • Includes:
    • Unlimited Mailbox Accounts.
    • Unlimited E-mail Addresses.
    • Unlimited CVS/SVN Accounts.
    • Unlimited SQL Databases & Accounts.
    • 200.0GB of Storage Space.
    • Packet Priority 5/7, Minimum 6MB/s.