Standard package

Our most popular enterprise-grade package, Standard provides the same features as Budget , with the addition of SSL support, twice as much bandwidth as well as increased overall performance. The Standard package also supports sub-accounts (with FTP/shell access) and secure reselling. Thanks to privilege separation, specific domains or subdomains can be made to execute PHP/CGI scripts under specific sub-accounts.

Unlimited domains, dedicated IP address
  • Unlimited user accounts on 2+ servers (Unix Shell, FTP & Web Interface).
  • Unlimited domains (and sub-domains).
  • Full DNS control (with IPv6, DynDNS and IDN support).
  • Unique IP address (with reverse DNS resolution).
  • SSL Service (https://) with modern cryptography.
  • Support for reselling (privilege-separated accounts).
  • Real-time access logs (extended format, unlimited size).
  • Live video streaming (ffserver).
  • Support for Subversion (svnserve or svn+ssh).
  • Includes:
    • Unlimited mailbox accounts (POP/IMAP, webmail and shell accessible).
    • Unlimited e-mail addresses.
    • Unlimited CVS/SVN-only sub-accounts.
    • Unlimited SQL databases and accounts (MySQL / MariaDB & PostgreSQL).
    • 200.0GB of storage (on 2+ dedicated servers).
    • Privilege separation for PHP and CGI applications.
    • Unlimited traffic (priority 5/7, minimum 6MB/s).

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