Corporate package

Our Corporate package is aimed at enterprises needing their own privileged server daemons (for example, web servers such as Apache, application servers and cache accelerators, IRC servers, etc.)

We can optionally provide virtualized environments (i.e., with "root" access) on up to two servers, although it often unnecessary since our system allows for privileged servers on standard multi-user unix systems. The choice of using a virtualized or shared environment is up to the customer.

The Corporate package is one step above Advanced in terms of performance (i.e., server process and packet priority) and twice as much server memory made available. Due to the way our hardware arrays are organized, this option is, for most typical applications, equivalent to renting at least two redundant dedicated servers, at a fraction of the cost, and with the added benefit of an uptime warranty and server administrators performing critical updates on a timely basis.

We provide quick, extensive technical support for a large number of server daemons and modules, some the most popular mentioned below.

VPS or dedicated web / application server
  • + Unlimited Unix accounts (shell + FTP/SFTP) on at least 3 servers
  • + Unlimited domains and sub-domains (going to different directories; aliases also supported)
  • + Complete DNS control (including Dynamic DNS, IDN support)
  • ++ A unique IP address (with reverse DNS resolution)
  • ++ https:// support with hardware-accelerated SSL
  • ++ Reselling is allowed
  • ++ Real-time access logs (Extended format)
  • ++ Support for seekable FLV video streaming
  • +++ Dedicated web or application server (for example Apache) under your control
  • +++ Dedicated SVN server (svnserve or mod_dav_svn with HTTPS support)
  • +++ Official support for Apache and most major modules (including PHP, mod_python, mod_wsgi, mod_ruby, etc.)
  • +++ Official support for Lighttpd
  • +++ Official support for Ruby on Rails
  • ++++ A minimum of 3 servers available for load-balancing of web service / user applications
  • Initial limits:
    • Unlimited number of mailbox accounts (accessible via secure POP/IMAP, shell or webmail).
    • Unlimited e-mail addresses (wildcard addresses supported)
    • Unlimited CVS/SVN-only sub-accounts
    • Unlimited MySQL/ PostgreSQL databases and database accounts
    • 500.0GB of low-latency storage space (on at least 3 servers and 3 disks)
    • Privilege separation for PHP and CGI applications.
    • Unlimited traffic (priority 7/7, minimum 10MB/s)

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