Our Corporate package is aimed at companies and power users looking for a cost-effective alternative to co-location. The Corporate package includes a VPS environment (with root access) on up to two physical servers. Services can be individually configured to run either from the VPS or the standard environment.

The Corporate package is one step above Advanced (VPS) in terms of performance (i.e., server process and packet priority) and includes a greater amount of server memory.

Corporate package
  • All Standard Features.
  • Access to 2 Physical Servers.
  • Unlimited Subaccounts.
  • Unlimited Domains & Sub-domains.
  • 2 Dedicated IPv4 Addresses (with RDNS).
  • 2 Dedicated IPv6 Addresses (with RDNS).
  • Modern SSL Support (Test it!).
  • Secure Reselling (Privilege-Separation).
  • Live Video Streaming (ffserver).
  • IM/Chat Servers (ircd, Jabber, others).
  • Subversion via svnserve, ssh, or DAV.
  • Dedicated HTTPD (Apache  or other).
  • Full VPS Environment with root Access.
  • Includes:
    • Unlimited Mailbox Accounts.
    • Unlimited E-mail Addresses.
    • Unlimited CVS/SVN Accounts.
    • Unlimited SQL Databases & Accounts.
    • 400.0GB of Storage Space.
    • Packet Priority 7/7, Minimum 10MB/s.