We gladly provide free hosting to open-source software and community projects. In addition to the standard hosting service, we can also provide user accounts on machines of diverse architectures and operating systems, for purposes of compiling and limited testing.


To qualify for this offer, your project must meet the following conditions:

  • Your software must be either placed in the public domain, or use an OSI Approved license.
  • Your project's web pages must include a visible link to http://www.csoft.net/. If using a template system, the link should be part of the template. Button images are available here.

If your project does not have a registered domain name, we can always supply a subdomain of the form foo.csoft.net

Free - FOSS/Community Project

  • 5.0GB of Storage Space.
  • Up to 2 Mailbox Accounts.
  • Up to 10 E-mail Addresses.
  • Up to 2 Git/CVS/SVN Accounts.
  • Up to 4 SQL Databases & 10 Accounts.