Our most popular enterprise-level package, Standard includes the same features as Budget with the notable addition of dedicated IPv4/IPv6 addresses and modern SSL (https://) support. The Standard package also supports sub-accounts (with FTP/shell access) and secure reselling. Thanks to our Privilege Separation system, specific domains/subdomains can be made to execute PHP/CGI applications as specific sub-accounts. By default, sub-accounts have no access outside of their own directories (or domains).

Standard package
  • All Standard Features.
  • Unlimited Subaccounts.
  • Unlimited Domains & Sub-domains.
  • Secure SSL / https Support (Test Site).
  • SSL Certificate(s) for Unlimited Domains.

  • 40.0GB of Storage Space.
  • Unlimited Mailbox Accounts.
  • Unlimited E-mail Addresses.
  • Unlimited Git/CVS/SVN Accounts.
  • Unlimited SQL Databases & Accounts.

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